At our headquarters in Alpharetta, GA (right outside Atlanta). Light relocation is provided.
The moment we say “no experience required” we gave ourselves a huge challenge; how do you look at a resume if there is no experience required and determine who to interview? People who might not have gone to the best school or had a formal education or great experience can still demonstrate their propensity for success. Is it perfect? Of course not! Has it been very effective for Adcap? Absolutely.
Step 1) Technical Written Evaluation (see Next Page) Step 2) Practical Video Interview Step 3) Personality & Cultural Fit Assessment (Online) Step 4) Final Interviews with Vice President
The salary is wide open; you receive a $5,000 raise after 90 days upon receiving your CCNP so the key is to have a salary that is competitive with the market the break in. With our quarterly raises, your ability to accelerate your earnings is dramatic.
Make sure you're using the email you applied to the job with and your webcam is working.